10 Ways to Look Fab at Gym

3 min readJul 2, 2021


10 Ways to Look Fab at Gym

No matter how much we dread to go to the gym, or for those whose day cannot be complete without shedding some calories, you may be any one of these that does not matter, but what does matter is how you show up. Going to the gym does not mean going haggard and looking dead already; give a punch to your workout by looking good and in return feeling great! (I recently wrote a post on 5 things to consider before joining a gym)

So going by the mantra of looking good, feeling great we have listed out 10 things that you can do that’ll make you look good at the Gym. Guaranteed!!

1. Get a stylish Gym bag

Hope you do not dump your clothes and other gear in a sack-like bag, if I may say so. If you do, well it’s high time you get yourself good duffel. Remember, stylish gear will motivate you to get going.

2. A cool sweatshirt

It is the perfect thing to get you in the mood for a cool-weather workout.

3. Comfy shorts

Rock the sporty style and get in the mood for a fun-filled workout with or without your gym gang in comfortable shorts.

4. Edgy tank top

You may have the body to flaunt the sports bra but many times the surroundings do not make you comfortable. In case you do feel to cover it up, do it with a fun, edgy tank top.

5. Bright touch

Forget the greys and all those dull colors; try a touch of bright shades to perk up your look. The brighter the color, the more positive and motivated you feel.

6. A cool cap

It works before and after your hard-hitting workout. You probably wouldn’t want to leave the gym with your hair looking like Fido Dido?

7. A great fit track pant

It’s a must and a basic necessity! If you like fitted and if your body allows, do carry on otherwise stock in a good fit track pant.

8. Sports watch

Avoid your phones and keep a check on time by wearing a cool sporty watch that is either made of rubber or plastic because when you sweat, other materials may not favor your skin.

9. Hair accessories

Your hair tends to get messed up with your grueling workout, so keep a few handy accessories like a stylish hairband, a bandana, and few rubber bands to keep your hair in place.

10. Hair style

If nothing works in favor to keep your hair in place, try out this easy-to-do hairstyle that is simple to do and is equally chic.

Now that you know that these simple tweaks to your appearance can show the vast difference, you may look dead by the end of it but make sure you look drop-dead gorgeous as you get into your beast mode. So, don’t dread it! Enjoy your workout experience!

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