What should I eat for dinner to be healthy?

2 min readJul 1, 2021
The Health Benefits Of An Indian Diet

If you want to make your evening special, the food has to be sumptuous. Choices are many when you wish to plan a healthy dinner. From nutritional to tasty to appetizing, the list of foods is very long where you would find many favorites. There are few recipes or items which can be avoided for dinner, but even then, you would have plenty of choices. I recently wrote a post on Start Your Day Right With a Healthy Breakfast.

Your dinner should contain the following food items:

- If you look for an ideal meal, then you have to go for the traditional combo of Chapatti, veggies, and dal. (I recently wrote a post on The Health Benefits Of An Indian Diet)

- Your evening meal should also have salad, soup, and whole-grain bread.

- If you are looking for a healthy dinner, then don’t forget to include beans, like lentils, kidney beans, lima beans, etc.

- Besides green vegetables, you can also add frozen corn and peas to get nutrition.

- Rather than taking sugary drinks, you can prefer water with lemon or any fruit juice.

- Don’t even go for processed foods.

If you are planning to go to a restaurant, you can pick cuisines from the given list:

Indian Cauliflower Curry

If you are a vegetarian, you can go with Indian Cauliflower Curry Recipe which is tasty as well as beneficial for the body. Blended with cayenne and cumin and eaten with chapatti or rice, this recipe could make your evening special.

Paneer Hara Dhaniya Tikka

Nothing beats Paneer Hara DhaniyaTikka in the race of starters, as it’s a blend of spicy and tangy. This mouth-watering dinner recipe is marinated in spices and curd to even greater taste.

Vegetarian Spicy Rice

When fresh vegetables are blended with long-grained basmati rice and a tinge of spices is sprinkled, the recipe becomes absolutely yummier. Relish this healthy dinner recipe which will carry a flavor of mint, saffron, and spices.


This is a regal recipe made up of rice and chicken or meat or eggs or vegetable. This is great for the health besides tickling the taste buds.

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